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For Homes


Mindfully designed to guarantee ultimate comfort and enjoyment in your home. PawaHauz™ is a premium energy solution for residential use which provides power reliability, convenience and savings on electricity bills.

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100% Renewable

Utilize unlimited energy from your rooftop or backyard, and never worry about being plagued by blackouts when enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Maximum Convenience

Requires minimal maintenance unlike fuel based electric generators, and frees you from the stress of monthly servicing and costly repairs.

For Businesses


Designed for businesses, industries and corporate organizations to guarantee power stability, improved business processes, reduced cost of operations and gross savings on energy bills. Through innovative project financing options, we partner with businesses and organizations to deliver value to their customers while enhancing reputation as climate-smart and responsible organizations across the globe.

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Unlimited savings

Cut down the cost of running your business by 30% and benefit from daily energy cost savings for over 20 years.

Energy Autonomy

Be in control and generate your own energy to power your business from abundant renewable energy resources.

For Real Estate Developers.

Mini-Grid in the City™

A comprehensive and innovative solution for powering real estate apartments and remote communities with reliable and affordable solar power. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and cost-effective energy source that will benefit both our customers and the environment.

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Asset Appreciation

Reduce the burden of rising energy costs and deliver stabilized electricity bills overtime to your clients. Boost the value of your real estate with reliable and sustainable green energy with possibilities of selling excess power to the grid.

Zero Grid Reliance

Champion a sustainable future as a developer of estates, new towns and cities powered by smart green energy. Stand out from competition with zero reliance on grid power supply.

For Low-Energy Users


Designed and built for remote workers, techies and creatives who need an affordable, reliable and back-up power supply to optimize performance, beat deadlines and deliver value on schedule. With PawaStation™, powercut anxiety is a thing of the past.

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Save More Money

Put an end to the money leaks and stress associated with daily spending on petrol for power generation. Accrue daily savings to invest in the things that matter most to you.

Go-To Backup

Never be stranded by power outages which frustrate your productivity and interfere with comfort. With more than 14 hours of backup power supply, experience uninterrupted flow as you research, design, create, build and share your magic with the world.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied clients and partners.

Before getting my PawaStation™ 3, I constantly used between 15 to 20 litres of petrol every day. Now, I only use 2 litres of fuel per week. So far, I am enjoying my PawaStation™ and it's lasting long.

Software Developer. Owerri, Nigeria

I normally buy 45 litres of petrol every two weeks to keep my apartment powered. But since I got my PawaStation™ 3, I have not put on my generator.

Lawyer. Lagos, Nigeria

Brooo! I never put on my generator for one minute since I got this PawaStation™ and I am adding solar panels to it.

Freelancer. Agbor, Nigeria

August 2022 I contacted KIRU company for the installment of Solar. So far so good, I can beat my chest and say it was one of my best accomplishment that year. The 2023 removal of fuel subsidy hasn't really affected me that much in terms of light supply. KIRU'S SOLAR ENERGY is top notch and quite affordable too.

Freelancer. Owerri, Nigeria
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